SWE Malawi

SWE is currently in the process of expanding our impact and enhancing member experience through an abroad STEM outreach program.

Our first trip was held Jan. 10-20th, 2019 and our work was centered around Blantyre, Malawi. Each weekday, a group of four Virginia Tech SWE students travelled to local high schools around the southern region of Malawi to encourage females to pursue STEM.

Additionally, a team of Biological Systems and Engineering students joined the efforts of the aforementioned outreach program but also visited local hospitals to investigate the use of fetal monitoring equipment.


In partnership with a local organization, WomEng. We also visited the local university and spoke with the undergraduate female engineering group established there! More about WomEng can be found here: http://www.womeng.org/

Photos from Our Past Trip

Here are just a few photos of SWE Abroad.